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The Food Pantry is supporting the town's Emergency Response Bedford Food Bank. To volunteer, please email

Here are the primary tasks which use volunteers:

Bag Packing

Helping to set up and or bag non-perishable items for distribution. Can be done almost any day of the week. Includes a bit of heavy lifting.

Bread pick up

Pickingup bread from FoodLink in Arlington, MA on Thursdays and bringing it back to Town Center before 2:00. The bread boxes are about 20 lbs each and we usually get about nine of them. Can fit in a vehicle with a large trunk or SUV.

Bread prep

(Can be combined with bread pick up.) Sorting bread and distributing it among the bags. Some items, such as bagels, arrive in bulk, and we package them in smaller portions.

Gaining Ground pick up

Picking up produce at Gaining Ground in Concord on Thursday mornings. Requires a van or truck, and some heavy lifting. Gaining Ground stops providing produce in November, and will resume in April.

Home deliveries

Picking up food at Town Center on Friday mornings and delivering (no-contact drop off) to households in Bedford.